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“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” While we’ve all heard some version of this quote throughout our lives, it is incredibly important to pay attention to it as a business owner. Procrastination is the enemy; so how do you stay productive?

While it can seem like it takes a massive effort of willpower to put down the distractions and get to work, using productivity tools are great ways to get motivated. Since Spring has sprung, and every entrepreneur out there is getting motivated to make better business decisions, it’s time to refine your process with these online tools.

Asana – Task Manager

Having trouble keeping all your tasks organized? Asana is a user-friendly website that easily keeps track of all your projects. Name a project, i. e. ‘Client Website’, then list the steps needed to complete the assignment. Once you’re done, all out have to do is mark them off the checklist.

Asana also features a calendar that you can sync to your phone. Set tasks to have a due date, and never lose track of the days again.

Working with more than one person? You can start conversations with your project mates to ask questions, delegate tasks, or share ideas. Instead of having four or five different text chains going, Asana has everything in one place.

Trello – Task Manager

A bit more in depth than Asana, Trello lets you create boards, where you can create lists for all your different tasks. For example, you could name one list ‘Uncompleted Tasks.’ then name another list ‘Completed Tasks.’ It’s an easy way to see the steps that still need to be finished while also seeing what you’ve accomplished.

You can even create teams, making group projects a snap. Add people onto your team, and they can also edit the lists to mark off tasks they’ve completed.

Mint – Money Managing

The days of spending hours pouring over financial statements are over. Mint is a money manager like no other. The website lets you link your accounts, credit/debit cards, and even bills so you can always stay on top of your finances. Set up budgets, track your payments, and even get your credit score.

Besides keeping your money in order, Mint also helps you save money based on your lifestyle with personal recommendations. It’s an invaluable software for business owners, as it takes the stress out of organizing your finances, giving you more time to focus on your clients.

Quickbooks – Money Managing

This one has been a game changer for DC Media + Design.  Long over are the days of creating invoices via PDF and organizing categories from bank statements for taxes.  This tool, with free and premium versions, helps to organize and stay on top of all of your upcoming, current, and past projects.

Some favorite features of ours using the online version are the invoice creation tool, the recurring invoices tool (that is great for staying on top of the social media monthly invoices), and the reconciliation tools.

MileIQ – Mileage Tracker

This is an absolutely genius app that tracks your mileage. With the swipe of a finger, you can classify your drives into different categories. Business, medical, personal, or create a custom category. Never quite sure how to deduct mileage on your tax returns? All the date you need is at your fingertips.

All you have to do is categorize your drive, and Mile IQ automatically tracks the length of your trip around town.

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