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There are lots of different tactics for marketing your business online. Having a website, social media accounts, and a Google listing should be a top priority.  Once you have those things locked in it’s time to think further about how to continue to reach your ideal customers.  The best part? If done correctly, these should be low cost options to escalate your traffic online. We will dive more into what blogging and email blasts can do for you, but there are a few key differences.

  • Important for SEO
  • Ability to optimize for searches
  • Educational based content
  • Long articles
  • Part of your website
Email Marketing
  • Specifically directed at your email list
  • Not important for SEO
  • Announcement-type format
  • Typically shorter content
  • Designed to lead people to your website

With these key differences, it’s important to know how to utilize the platforms to make the most out of them and correctly speak with your audience.  It’s also important to note that while there are appropriate ways to use these tools you can also bend the rules a bit to make announcements on your blog or write an article on your eblast.


Having a blog is something that lives on your website.  It’s a “news” section that is updated frequently to keep your followers informed about company growth, educational information, or services and projects you’re offering.  Blogging is important for a few reasons:

  1. Keeps your users up to date with fresh and relevant content
  2. Validates your expertise
  3. Potential to make passive income
    • If your blog gains a lot of traffic, there may be an opportunity to have advertisers on your website for some passive income.
  4. The SEO!
    • The Google algorithm loves an updated website.  The more you are using your website and gaining traffic, the higher you will rank on the search engine.
    • All of your images on your blog can be named to optimize your blog post, therefore potentially ranking you higher in searches.
  5. Followers come to the blog to read about your posts.
Email Marketing

Email marketing is not something that is on your website.  It’s a separate service (i.e. MailChimp, MyEmma, ConstantContact, etc.).  Email marketing or an “eblast” is something that is mostly utilized after the blog posts are published.  It’s a way to personally inform your audience of new happenings via their email inbox.  This strategy is really important, here’s why:

  1. Direct communication with someone’s email inbox.
  2. It’s a way to direct people to exactly where you want them to go.
    • Whether it is a new product on the website, a new blog post, or something else of interest to your audience, these links are front and center on the eblast.
  3. Easily trackable.
    • Monitoring analytics about what people are clicking on or unsubscribing can be a clear indicator of what  your users want to know about.  MailChimp, for example, is great at reporting about link clicks and who is clicking on them.

It’s not really an either/or choice when it comes to blogging and email blasts, they are both equally as important when marketing your business online.  Let us know if your company utilizes email marketing or blogging.  If you need the services, we’re here to help!

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